Excursions / Incursions

Please use the links below to access permission forms and health forms for upcoming excursions or incursions:


Beach Swimming 2019 - 2019 Year 5's and 6's


Running Club 2018 Information letter and Nomination/Permission Slip  Please include the Health Form.


Some Incursions / Excursions require a health form to be completed. Please use the link below if this is required.

Health Form (Medical information)


Payments can be made at the front office through the drop box or EFTPOS, via internet banking or through Qkr! 

Qkr! is a secure and easy way to pay, and sign forms through the App on your mobile device. An information sheet on Qkr! is available here. Please note, when using Qkr! that the health and permission data is not received by the school until the payment step is completed.

Refer to our School Payments page for school's internet banking details.

If you wish to make payments by instalments, please come to the front office to complete a payment plan agreement.